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Companies are modernizing much faster than anticipated. According to Microsoft’s research group, demand for new applications – especially on mobile – is at an all-time high. About 500 million new applications will be developed over the next five years. Businesses want to do more, faster, and for less money. 

To overcome the challenges associated with digital transformations and labour shortages, companies are looking for a faster way to modernize and innovate. However, it’s not always easy to determine where to start and which technologies to use. That’s where Microsoft Excel’s Power Platform comes in.

What is Power Platform?
Power Platform is a programming solution within the Microsoft ecosystem. Most notably, it facilitates low-code programming, which makes it a particularly interesting option. The platform helps organizations along the path to transformation and innovation. It allows local ecosystems to facilitate and accelerate the development and deployment of operational applications. Microsoft’s environment meets all of these needs, allowing businesses to execute a wide range of common tasks including analyzing data, actioning the data, and automating certain processes. That’s why Power Platform plays such a key role in companies’ digital transformations and modernization journeys. Power Platform tools are designed to address businesses’ most pressing needs related to developing new apps.

3 strong reasons t use Power Platform:


Power Platform is the key to modernization for many companies, allowing them to create applications that automate processes that are typically performed manually. The use of mobile devices in the field has helped businesses save a significant amount of paper by working virtually instead.  

Using Power Platform is also a great way to spur innovation within your organization. This is, of course, an element of digital transformation that offers significant value. 

Finally, Power Platform is a toolbox that allows organizations to create apps while helping teams remain agile and effective, among other things. 


How to get started with your digital transformation?

Even if you’re already convinced that Power Platform is the right fit for your business, taking the first step can be daunting! A project of this size should be broken down into smaller tasks. 

 First, you will need to identify your most pressing need. Then, start creating a framework based on the organization and its needs. Using this framework, describe each feature as though it was a software development project. After that, establish the steps required to integrate all security-related elements into the framework, then retrieve the data if necessary. 

 Finally, create a plan to outline the scope of the initiative (or a first iteration, at a minimum), as well as the budget, schedule, and responsibilities. Once that’s done, we will deliver the finished product! 


Power Platform is an intuitive and collaborative tool that has lots of room for personalization and offers airtight data security. Power Platform unites all the applications and tools in the Microsoft ecosystem under one roof, so you can achieve your digital transformation goals.