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Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics

A fantastic evolution of Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Azure Synapse Analytics is an unlimited analytics service that combines corporate data warehousing and big data analytics. It gives you the ability to query data on your terms, using on-demand or provisioned serverless resources, all on a large scale. Azure Synapse brings these two worlds together with a unified experience for the ingestion, preparation, management and delivery of data for immediate machine learning and BI needs.

Azure Analytics is up to 14 times faster and costs 94% less than other cloud providers


A completely integrated and performant analytics service!

  • Unlimited scaling
    Azure Synapse delivers information from all your data, located in data warehouses and big data analytics, with lightning speed. With Azure Synapse, data professionals can query relational and non-relational data at the petabyte scale using SQL. For critical workloads, they can easily optimize the performance of all requests with intelligent workload management, workload isolation and unlimited competition.
  • Powerful Insights
    Discover insights from all your data and apply machine learning models to all of your smart apps. With Azure Synapse Analytics, enabling analytics and machine learning is a breeze. It is deeply integrated with Power BI and Azure Machine Learning to greatly extend information discovery from all your data and apply machine learning models to all of your smart apps.
  • Unified Analysis Experience
    Studio provides a unified workspace for data preparation, data management, data warehousing, big data and AI tasks.
  • Reduced development time
    Significantly reduce project development time for analytics and machine learning projects with an unlimited analytics service that lets you seamlessly apply intelligence to all your most important data – from Dynamics 365, Office 365 SaaS services that support the Open Data Initiative – and easily share data with just a few clicks.
  • Safe
    Secure data with the most advanced security and privacy features on the market, such as column and row security and dynamic data masking. Protect your data with unmatched security and privacy. Azure has the most advanced security and privacy features on the market. These features are built into the structure of Azure Synapse, such as automated threat detection and permanent data encryption.

The main functionnalities offered by Azure Synapse Analytics:

  • Entreprise Data Warehouse
    • Create your data warehouse based on the best performing SQL on the market.
  • Integrated Apache Spark and SQL engines
    • Improve collaboration between data professionals by using advanced analysis solutions. Easily use T-SQL requests on your datawarehouse and your Spark integrated engine.
  • Data Lake Exploration
    • Rassemblez des données relationnelles et non relationnelles, et interrogez facilement des fichiers dans un lac de données avec le même service que celui utilisé pour créer des solutions d’entrepôt de données.
  • Continuous Analysis and Ingestion
    • Perform real-time analytics on streaming data in your data warehouse.
  • Choice of Language
    • Use your preferred language, including T-SQL, Python, Scala, Spark SQL and .Net, whether you use serverless or provisioned computing resources.
  • Integrated AI and BI
    • Finalize your end-to-end analytics solution with tight integration of Azure Machine Learning and Power BI.
  • Codeless Data Orchestration
    • Create ELT / ETL processes in a visual environment without code to easily ingest data from more than 85 native connectors.
  • Advanced Security Management
    • Use the built-in features to ensure that only authorized users have access to your data and processes.

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