The Warehouse



Your data is essential to the success of your business. That is why it is important to have a solid governance over it and where it is stored. 

 With the recent increase of remote user connectivity, data fragmentation within organizations, and changes in traditional IT management roles, Microsoft Purview offers integrated coverage to address all these areas.  

What is Microsoft Purview? 

Formely known as Azure Purview, Microsoft Purview is a data governance and catalogue platform that helps organizations in finding, comprehending and managing their data. It provides a centralized hub for data asset management, allowing users to understand the history, quality and usage of their data.  


3 challenges that Microsoft Purview seeks to address 

  1. Data silos 
    Organizations often have data spread across different systems and locations, making it hard to discover and understand all the data they have. Microsoft Purview helps break down data silos by providing a centralized hub for data discovery and cataloguing, allowing users to understand the data they have and how it can be used, thus improving organizational efficiency and consistency.  
  2. Data quality issues
    Poor data quality can lead to poor decision-making and can also lead to regulatory compliance issues. Microsoft Purview offers tools to evaluate the quality and monitor the flow of data in your company, which assists in identifying and resolving quality issues. This tool also helps sort through the data that is super essential to your business and remove the data you do not need to optimize your digital assets.   
  3. Lack of data governance
    Without proper data governance, data can be used in ways that are not compliant with regulations or consistent with the organization’s goals and values. Microsoft Purview offers a variety of tools for identifying data risks and managing and governing data to help your business ensure that it is used responsibly and ethically. 


How can Faction A help you? 

As a Microsoft Gold Data Analytics partner, Faction A provides comprehensive analytics services to address these three crucial business challenges, from data integration and modelling to planning and delivering analytics applications. 

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