Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

The Proof of Concept makes possible testing all or part of an analytical solution implementation or migration.

Our Proof of Concept makes it possible to demonstrate tangible results quickly and inexpensively through experimentation. A Proof of Concept is used at the beginning of analytical initiatives for several reasons:

  • To justify and support a business case;
  • To evaluate costs and benefits;
  • To establish a starting point for the deployment of department-wide and enterprise-level analysis;
  • To understand deployment aspects through measurable calibration of a first experience;
  • To reduce the risks associated with initiatives to implement analytical solutions.

Save time and money!

Faction A can execute a Proof of Concept adapted to your needs. Take advantage of the expertise of our professionals whether to:

  • Learn how to create functional dashboards in a few days;
  • Experiment with a migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud;
  • Test the sharing of your dashboards externally with your partners;
  • Understand the right components of analytics solutions in Microsoft technologies;
  • Test the power of your indicators in real time;
  • Add new data sources and features to your existing analysis.

The process

Before starting a proof of concept, it is important to clearly identify the objectives while taking care to determine the scope of the demonstration. In addition, it’s better to give yourself a fixed schedule of achievement. You want the Proof of Concept to be quicker than the creation of a complete analytical solution.

Diagram Preuve de concept

The Proof of Concept allows you to experiment on a small scale with the steps of an initiative to implement an analytical solution. The critical results of a Proof of Concept must be demonstrable and support the objectives pursued. This makes it possible to formulate recommendations following the results of the exercise, whether technological or conceptual.

For example, several organizations want to experiment with the use of Power BI to support their operational or decision-making effectiveness. A Proof of Concept would deliver a dashboard in a matter of days and understand the aspects to be considered in extrapolating the full implementation of an analytic solution on a larger scale. Several aspects can be evaluated, validated and used as learning during a Proof of Concept realization:

  • the required qualifications,
  • the allocated budget,
  • the implementation schedule,
  • the membership, the performance indicators,
  • the availability and the quality of the data.

Faction A always works closely with its customers to ensure their full satisfaction and to meet the objectives of the Proof of Concept.


Proof of Concepts can greatly vary in scope. In the case of a Power BI dashboard, a prototype with your dataset can be specifically made.

A PowerPoint presentation is typically developed to summarize the experience and recommendations in light of the Proof of Concept results.

A PowerPoint presentation is typically prepared in order to give an overall view of the experience and recommandations according to the Proof of Concept results.

Tools & Technologies

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Local or In the Cloud Database
  • Local Excel Files or Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure Services