Power BI Training

At Faction A, we’re crazy about analytics!
Microsoft Power BI is our daily bread. Morning, day and night.

We understand very well the importance of training to get the most out of Power BI. But our specialized expertise with Power BI does not make us trainers. We are good at manipulating data, but when it comes to teaching we recommend our official partner for Power BI training: Le CFO Masqué.

They’re so great that they became our partner for everything related to Power BI training. And we are really happy to recommend
their services.

Looking for online courses to learn at your own pace? An in-class program that allows you to earn accreditations and become an expert? Or corporate courses that will boost the performance of your employees? Le CFO Masqué has that. You can even complete online pretests to find out which courses to choose based on your current level of knowledge.

Take a look at the Power BI trainings below.


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