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  • PROJECT MANAGER / "SCRUM MASTER" Immediate — Full time — Permanent

    The project manager ensures that the project is executed optimally. His or her responsibilities include project management tactics and its implementation with the help of technical staff. Our project managers master the special features of the delivery cycle of analytical solutions.

    The head of iterative projects is determined to achieve the goals set by the client. He or she ensures optimal management of physical, financial and human resources at its disposal. He or she understands the steps that are part of the life cycle of an analytical project, in the context of iterative / agile development.

    Overview of responsibilities :

    • Defines the project implementation strategy.
    • Estimates the effort and timelines.
    • Scope Management and backlog.
    • Respects the time, cost and quality, ensuring maximum productivity of the production team.
    • Optimizes the use of human and material resources made available for the project.
    • Identifies risks, manages them and offers different options, if any.
    • Excellent communicator, both with the client and the team.

    Required qualities :

    • Has a natural talent for mobilizing team members.
    • Knows how to maintain a stimulating working environment where participants willingly give the best of themselves.
    • Have an innate sense of customer service.
    • Pays attention to details and can take the necessary perspective to stay focused on the goal.